Full spectrum 1458w cob led growing light for vegetative and bloom

  • LED Quantity: 9PCS COBs(54LEDs 3W Chip Per Cluster)
  • LED Brand: Epileds and Epistar
  • Input Voltage: AC85-265V
  • Gross Weight: 15KG/PC
  • Brand: Forest Grower

Forest Grower 1458w  9COBs (54LEDs 3w Per Cluster )Full spectrum cob led growing light for plants vegetables indoor grow tent system hydroponic plants vegetative and flowering 


  • Power: 1458 Watt

  • LED Quantity: 9COBs(54LEDS  3w LED Chip Per Cluster)

  • Input Voltage: 100-265V 

  • Actual power draw: 760W±3%

  • (Lower Energy saving is better to save your electric charges)

  • LED Brand: Bridgelux or EPISTAR / EPILEDS 

  • HID Equivalent: 1000 +500w Watt Metal Halide

  • or 1000+1000 Watt HPS

  • Color Spectrum: 730nm/665nm/660nm/460nm/430nm/400nnm/3000K/5000K 

  • Beam Angle :90° /120° are available 

  • IP Rating: IP42

  • Material: Copper free Aluminum +metal

  • Lifespan : 50,000 Hours.

  • Fixture Color: Black or White or customized 

  • Warranty: 2-3 Years

  • Mounting: Adjustable Stainless steel brackets 

  • Power factor: >0.95

  • THD<15 

  • Frequency: 50/60 Hz

  • Suggested Ambient Temperature: -30° F- 140°F(-20℃ to + 35℃) 

  • Dimensions: 20.47'' LX 20.47'' W X 4.527''H (520x520x115mm)

  • Packing Dimension:24.01X24.01X7.87'' (610*610*200mm)

  • Weight:  30.856lbs. (14KG/PC) 

  • Certification: CE/ RoHS/FCC  Compliant. 

Available Power : 

54LEDs 3w Per Cluster/  36LEDs 3W Per Cluster/    63LEDs 3w Per Cluster. 

1COB , 2COB , 4COB ,5COB , 8COB , 9COB . 


How does the Specific Wavelength work for the plants ?





 Reflective Cup Design 

Using a 90 degree reflective cup design, Our COB LED Grow Light achieves a more intense and uniform PAR value by properly reflecting the best uniformity of available light. 

By this way, none of the outputted energy is wasted. When growing with LEDs ,it's important to understand that certain PAR values are necessary for flourishing vegetative and flowering growth.

reflective cup.jpg

COB Integrated Modular design to achieve more uniform light distribution . 


Switchable Control for VEG/Bloom stage Separately . 

Switchable control for veg and bloom.jpg

High thermal conductivity Heat Sink to achieve better heat dissipation effect that extends the lifespan of the lamp.

*1070 Pure Aluminum,cold extruding sunflower heat sink.

*Coefficient of thermal conductivity is 226w/m.k   .

*The Diameter of the heat sink is 120mm,thickness is 25mm . 


Daisy Chain function to connect several lights together and save your growing space.

*Power cord is used for connection,no need extra cord . 

* Total connected power can not exceed 3000w .

* Each Lamp work independently ,any lamp stop working won't affect others.


IP42 Rating Design

*Waterproof and Dustproof Design.

*To prevent insects from entering the lamp.

*Extend the lifespan of the lamp.


Estimated Growing Coverage (54LEDs 3w Per Cluster) 

  • 162w – Veg: 2′ x 2′ / Bloom: 1′ x 1′

  • 324w – Veg: 2.5′ x 2.75′ / Bloom: 2′ x 2′

  • 648w – Veg: 3.35′ x 3.35′ / Bloom: 3′ x 3′

  • 810w – Veg: 4.2′ x 4.2′ / Bloom: 3.75′ x 3.75′

  • 1296w – Veg: 5.5′ x 5.5′ / Bloom: 5′ x 5′

  • 1458w – Veg: 6′ x 6′ / Bloom: 5′ x 5′


We cover a generous 3 year warranty. This is said to be a hassle free option that when your LED Grow Lights stop working unfortunately. 

zero cost for you, but is only under normal use. Specifically, manufacturer defects, recalls, or unexpected failures are acceptable reasons for returning it within the first 24-36 months of ownership.

Light Distribution For Your Reference 

Spectral Test Report

20170811C Series Spectral.jpg

Package Included 

  • 1pc LED Grow Light

  • 1set Power cord (6ft/180cm)

  • 1set Stainless Steel Bracket



*Do not use the lights in dripping water or anywhere they will get wet,water and dlectricity can be dangerous mixture.

*The working environment for LED grow light is -20∼40℃,45%∼95%RH.

*To protect the light,Please cut off the power when there is lighting strike.

*Do not touch or move when the light is working.

*Tips for increasing lifespan:please let the light have a rest about 20mins after 5∼6hours working.