7 Reasons Why You Choose Us

2019-12-23 15:19:00 admin

7 Reasons Why You Choose Us

  • Qualified lights at reasonable prices.

  • Fast shipping.

  • Lifetime warranty.

  • All 3w/10w single chip 14 Wavelength with a proven LED color recipe.

  • 5 years of experience and over 100,000 clients worldwide.

  • We specialize in the latest LED Grow Lights ,LED Downlights &commercial lighting with accredited results.

Your Investment In Quality LED Grow Lights Will Pay Back!

LED Grow Lights are indeed an upgrade over the costly and inefficient HID variety, as long as you purchase LED growing lights 

of sufficient quality. We source all of our products from the most well respected manufacturers in the industry, and they stimulate

thick, lush, high yield growth efficiently, effectively, and consistently. LED grow lights last six times as long as HID lighting,

and they provide a 90% savings in energy costs when you combine the efficiency of directional lighting with the fact that no

cooling systems are needed when you use LED growing lights. If discretion is a concern, LED lights are a true revelation

because they are just warm to the touch and leave no thermal footprint. There are no reflectors and ballasts required ,

and LED grow systems require less frequent watering. Plus, the lack of excessive and dangerous heat reduces the risk

of fires and mitigates plant damage due to burns from harsh, costly, and inefficient HID lighting.