Project Introduction and Analysis of LED Grow Lights

2019-12-23 15:40:06 admin


We will introduce the LED Grow Lights projects with below different aspects. 

01---Analysis of different Plant Lamp Effect

        LED Grow Light VS HPS | MH | HID

02---Working Principle 

         How does the specific wavelength work for your plants?

03---LED Solutions

         Propagation|  CITY&OFFICE FARMING   |FLORICULTURE|   VEGETABLES&FRUITS   |Medical Plants Growing

04---What We Do

05---Product Features

         Favorable Series | COB Integrated Series | PAR Series | UFO Series | Favorable PRO Dimmable Series | R Outdoor IP66 Series

06---Project Plan

07---Project Pictures

More details ,please check below PDF . 

LED Grow light and LED Flood Light by Aladdin precision lighting20171012Aladdin Lighting-Project Introduction and Analysis of LED Grow Light.pdf