Company Culture

GUIDING PRINCIPLE : ﹡Let’s have a better life!

VISION : ﹡To be the world-class efficient and intelligent power solution provider!

MISSION: ﹡Commit to contribute for the global energy reservation and carbonemission!


  • Make our staff have a better life;

  • Obtain the customer respect;

  • Realize mutual benefit and win-win with supplier;

  • Create values for shareholders;

  • Return to the society, respect the natural environment.

SPIRIT : ﹡Innovation, service, team,integrity, excellence,effort 


  • Thecompany needs me to solve the problem. If not, I would have no value ofexistence!

  • When I encounter a problem, if Isay it is other’s problem, it is absolve from responsibility, as well asbreach of duty!

  • The winnerfinds out the method, the loser makes an excuse!

CORPORATE CULTURE : ﹡responsibility, passion, action, win-win

staff’s state of mind: ﹡Health, delight, success, thanksgiving

Fighting motto of OUR staff: ﹡God rewards the diligent, seek for efficiency within 8 hours and pursuedevelopment out of 8 hours. Win others in the rest hours!

Success secret of OUR staff: ﹡Diligence, wisdom, decision, persistence

Success mottos of OUR staff: ﹡ Confidence is more valuable than the diamond

Working style of OUR staff: ﹡Carefulness, preciseness, practice, efficiency

Standard for OUR staff:

﹡Love themotherland (appreciate the society, promote the harmony)

﹡Love the family (show filialrespect for parents, respect the old and love the kids)

﹡Love the enterprise(royal to US, share with others in trouble)

﹡Love the team (uniform and coordination, assume liabilitiestogether)

﹡Love the work (cherish the postand devote to work, delight to contribute)

﹡Dare to innovate (continuously breakthrough, pursue of excellence)

﹡Bold to struggle (keep thefaith, persevere to work)

﹡Integrity and self-discipline (integrity and discipline)

﹡Abide by the arrangement(efficient execution, make all efforts)

﹡Rapid response (customer supreme, serve with smile)

Quality principles: outstanding design,stability and reliability, continual improving, customer satisfaction.

Environment principles: Adhere to related laws and regulations, Save energy & eradicate pollution, safe operation, manufacture environment-friendly products, build Green enterprise!