Tissue Culture & Seeding,  cuttings & young plants

Propagation just got a lot easier. LED grow light provide uniform illumination while reducing the distance between layers, resulting in consistently great growth of production yield. Tailor-made light recipes give your crops the sustenance they need, improving seeding rate and shortening the production cycle. 

Ultra-efficient LED Growing Light are the perfect replacement for conventional plant growing lamps. Using less energy and generating almost no heat, they lower air conditioning costs and extend the service life of electronic devices.

LED Benefits

  • Uniform illumination 

  • Reducing the distance between layers 

  • Improving seeding rate 

  • Shortening the production cycle

  • Almost No Heat

  • Lower air conditioning costs 

  • Extend the lifespan of electronic equipment 

  • Perfect replacement for conventional lamps

  • Higher Yields than before

  • Lower delivery cost by growing crops vertically

  • Growing crops in small interior areas